3y3 0\/\/|\| d4 |\|37!!

dis page iz hacked by
Doctor Nuker
Founder Pakistan Hackerz Club

i warned u guyz a hundred n ten timez..but n0 uze..s0 i th0t t0 betta giv it a sh0t 0n dis page..may b ull n0tice..may b...

i dunt hav time to tell u guyz again n again for da security breachez..i kn0w u all r way t00 leet for dat..s0 frm n0w 0n ill du it in da lame way..all of ma mass hackz n dis pagez defacement iz just nuthing....ive g0t many REAL thingz in ma bag..s0 stay tuned..

Greets t0 all da memberz of Pakistan Hackerz Club , Jazba , Arren , Devil-C (Doctor Nuker : hey Devil-C how many pages du i hav to hack more to get ma club a special page ;) , Paiakam ( Paiakam says: I love you, Kate!) , Desi-Hacker , ma SWEET co-founder ( u kn0w wh0 he iz ;) , n da 0ne wh0z da best n datz why i just dunt care abut da rest!!