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"Being kicked in the closed mouth or smiling with no teeth.
They're both choices, yes, But it's impossible to eat" - Michael Franti

We are not hackers in any real sense of the word.* We are restless and anxious and time is running out. We must do something monstrous before we die. If we allowed or afforded ourselves a venue such as this and left things unsaid then we would be no better than that which we would see ended in the first place. (Like seeing the lone word "FUCK" spray painted on some wall. Is there nothing better to say with such an opportunity in your hands?)

 www.attrition.org/negationMiddle Fingers go to JP. (Just look at him.)

Cheers with pint-glasses raised high to ne0h, mozy, forpaxe, gH, p0g0, keebler elves, dr_fdisk^, level seven, Devil-C, HiP, v00d00, HFD/B, xoloth1, Attrition, and all the rest who are doing positive damage. 

* Again, this site was entered and altered easily enough with Micro$oft Front Page. For the elite out there, it is our hope that you understand that we are attempting something noble and admit fully these recent defacements to be primer level at best.  We are not trying to steal anyone's thunder. We are not trying to be something we are not. We sit with fingers crossed eternally that some form of organization would develop and all groups and crews and individuals would band together to defeat a greater evil. Together we are unstoppable. Together we are uncatchable. Together we will demand an audience. Say the word. This is far from over. -N.Y.S

Free Kevin. Packet Storm is not dead.

Also, as per usual, there was no damage done to this site. The old index can be found HERE.