On loan to: N.Y.S (We own nothing.)

Fitter, happier, more productive,
regular exercise at the gym, (3 days a week),
getting on better with your associate employee contemporaries, at ease,
eating well, (no more microwave dinners and saturated fats),
a patient better driver,
a safer car, (baby smiling in back seat),
sleeping well, (no bad dreams),
no paranoia,
careful to all animals, (never washing spiders down the plughole),
keep in contact with old friends, (enjoy a drink now and then),
will frequently check credit at (moral) bank (hole in wall),
favours for favours,
fond but not in love,
charity standing orders, (on Sundays),
ring road supermarket,
(no killing moths or putting boiling water on the ants),
car wash, (also on Sundays),
no longer afraid of the dark or midday shadows,
nothing so ridiculously teenage and desperate,
nothing so childish, at a better pace,
slower and more calculated, no chance of escape, now self-employed, concerned, (but powerless),
an empowered and informed member of society, (pragmatism not idealism), will not cry in public, less chance of illness,
tyres that grip in the wet, (shot of baby in back seat),
a good memory,
still cries at a good film,
still kisses with saliva,
no longer empty and frantic,
like a cat tied to a stick that's driven into frozen winter shit,
(the ability to laugh at weakness), calm,
healthier and
more productive,
a pig
in a cage
on antibiotics.

The security of this site (or lack thereof) has been compromised.
We are not elite by any means.*
We are merely of the disenchanted few no longer content to sit idly by and watch as the internet and society as a whole gets thrown to the den of corruption and mindlessness.
Must everything be dumbed down and watered so that we are no longer a thinking society?
Religion has lost it's place to the internet as the opiate of the masses. (Although both are still equally money-driven.)
Television is a cathode-ray nipple for absent(minded)parents. 
The E-prefix is overwhelming us at every turn.
(E-commerce, trading, auctions, church, porn, shopping, etc.)
Our attention span has been reduced to 11 seconds per page.
(Average page view time for internet "surfers".)
(Is anyone able to read a novel anymore?)
What once was and could have been a valid and, dare we say, beautiful medium has turned into something far more disturbing and unbeautiful.
Treachery and pure laziness is what we are being systematically reduced to as we lovingly clutch our mouse and tap away incessantly at our keyboards in some numb chat room.
Orwellian to be certain.
When will it stop?

This hack is extended and dedicated to the purists who dare do go beyond what they are "allowed". This is for everyone who refuses to do what they are told and invariably question the so-called authority that they are confronted with. Some absolute mentionables are: ne0h, mozy, forpaxe, gH, p0g0, keebler elves, dr_fdisk^, level seven, Devil-C, HiP, v00d00, HFD/B, xoloth1, and Attrition. (PS: Monisha is loved by AntiChrist.We get the picture.) 

Notorious Young Slammers are Rev. Bob, Otto MadX, and High Plains Drifter.
We are starting off small with introductions. There will be more. We demand an audience.

*Elite, indeed. This was done easily enough using Micro$oft Front Page. This site had no security whatsoever and anyone with the time or inclination, technical ability aside, could do a hack such as this. Please note that no damage was done and that the old index can be found HERE. Again, this is not the end. -N.Y.S


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