V00d00!!! I got me a ".cx"!!! :p Even though you told me not to!!! hehehe :)

Hi. I was bored, so I thought I might do a defacement :)
No message here, no real purpose, I have very limited resources right now, so you wont see much here, anyways, gotta go, competition is starting :)!
Oh wait, FREE KEVIN, Stop the fighting, heal the world, and quit dissing each other!

Greets-In no particular order: HFD (Drink beer damnit!), HFB (Britney 0wnz!!), UGCiA, Defiance, HiP, v00d00, KoldKutta, keebler elves, xoloth1, OpticMyst, PS911, Devil-C, ne0h, p0gO, Secto0r, koldkutta, DigiAlmty, ath0, Attrition, HNN, everyone else i forgot, and Britney Spears (I'll be hackin you soon...)

- Mozy