euro syxx: open any .txt again
neepachu: k
neepachu: url not found
euro syxx: replace yer .txt file with exprcalc.cfm and hit enter
euro syxx: at the end of the url
euro syxx: go back to openfile.cfm
euro syxx: and open file i gave u
neepachu: ok
euro syxx: then goto that file
neepachu: ok
neepachu: i got a 404 not found
euro syxx: got it now
euro syxx: ?
neepachu: no it didnt let me in
euro syxx: on
neepachu: yep
euro syxx: here
euro syxx: lemme try
neepachu: shit damn piss fuck
neepachu: hey
neepachu: on the art ill put neeper and syxx ok?
euro syxx: works...yer just retarded
euro syxx: naw
neepachu: ok
neepachu: well
euro syxx: do it 4 u
neepachu: ok
euro syxx: not me
neepachu: thanks
euro syxx: i put it as test.cfm
neepachu: still not letting me in
euro syxx:
neepachu: k im in now
neepachu: hey
euro syxx: retard
euro syxx: =p
neepachu: what kinda art should i make?
neepachu: i cant put hfc
neepachu: hfx*
neepachu: hehe
neepachu: hrmmmmm
euro syxx: nooooo
neepachu: eheheh
neepachu: i wasent
euro syxx: taz would hunt u down and beat u
euro syxx: hee
euro syxx: he
neepachu: hh
neepachu: hehe
neepachu: i already found the cfm
neepachu: haha
neepachu: u are the coolest syxx
neepachu: wut kinda html tag should i put now?
euro syxx: dunno
euro syxx: whatever
euro syxx: u want
euro syxx: 2
neepachu: can i tell ne0h to fuck off
neepachu: or would that be a bad move
neepachu: hehe
euro syxx: naw
neepachu: k
euro syxx: dont do that...only i can
euro syxx: hehe
neepachu: lol
neepachu: hey
neepachu: hit iphase again
neepachu: and gimmie shouts for recrackin it
neepachu: hha
euro syxx: u didnt crack anything
euro syxx: =p
neepachu: i foudn the exploit though
euro syxx: i am gonna make the admin a link to the damn patch i think
neepachu: no
neepachu: keep hackin it
neepachu: over and over
neepachu: till they fig it out
neepachu: hey
neepachu: wheres the fuckin log files?
euro syxx: in  c:/NT
neepachu: k
neepachu: i cant find them
neepachu: -is getting scared
euro syxx: lol
euro syxx: jew
neepachu: ahh
neepachu: im freakin out
neepachu: there is no C:/NT
neepachu: is netmon.log it?
euro syxx: yeah
euro syxx: d/l it
neepachu: i erased it already
neepachu: hehe
euro syxx: then delete
euro syxx: ok
neepachu: why did i need to dl it?
neepachu: damn
neepachu: my pic didnt even come up
neepachu: lol
neepachu: i suck at html
neepachu: haha
neepachu: that look gay?
neepachu: i think it does
euro syxx: havent looked yet
euro syxx: patching iphase again
neepachu: rofl
neepachu: u hack it first?
euro syxx: naw
neepachu: hey
neepachu: if i deleate the cfusion filder
neepachu: will it remove coldfusion?
euro syxx: yeah
euro syxx: should
neepachu: ok
neepachu: ill do that
euro syxx: delete
euro syxx: openfile.cfm
euro syxx: and test,cfm
neepachu: i erased the logs to
neepachu: i dont see openfile
euro syxx: should be in expeval
neepachu: i dotn see that in the cfusion dir eather
neepachu: am i annoying you?
euro syxx: lol
neepachu: syxx
neepachu: ::cries::
euro syxx: yeah
neepachu: i cant find that folder
euro syxx: what?

Fun, isn't it?  Wanna know how i got this?  They uploaded it themselves!
Don't believe me? 
I found it here
They left this too.
I wish only wish I could be so l33t..  But enough bitching about the 
method, who really cares? Holes are holes, I guess.  What i wanna talk 
about is all these damn senseless defacing.  Why get up on your soapbox
if you don't have anything to say?  Hacking isn't about graffiti, it's about
exploring.  It's not about destruction, it's about knowledge.  Our crime is 
curiosity, not vandalism.  The medium is not the message, the message 
must stand by itself.

Here's two texts for ya. Read, learn, explore.

Buffer Overflow on defacement
Hacker's manifesto - MUST READ

BTW, if your questioning the ethics of this defacement, I could have changed all of these:
But what would that prove? This one still had syxx/neeper's message on it.