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[ Hacked By The Fallen Angels ]

You have been hacked by FA, Modern hackers gone oldschool.    

You are currently hack


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Union Bank And Trust. We have hacked this bank to simply display that there is a great security risk on this server. You are lucky that it was FA that got to you and not some other "Cracker" that might have stolen personal customer information. We have not taken any customer information or have destroyed anything we have simply done this to show that this bank has a great security risk.

You have failed to meet your privacy statement and there for have lied to your customers. This is a section out of your Privacy Statement:

Union Bank & Trust Company Customer Privacy Principles

Union Bank & Trust Company understands how important personal privacy is to you, our customer. We place great emphasis on ensuring that information you entrust to us remains confidential and have therefore adopted the following privacy principles.

1.Your Expectation of Privacy We recognize that you expect privacy, especially when it comes to your financial affairs. For this reason we have established specific guidelines and procedures on how your information is collected and maintained to protect against misuse or unauthorized release.

2.Why We Collect, Maintain and Use Information about You We will collect, retain and use your information only where we believe it will assist in administering our business or provide you with the products, services or other opportunities you have come to expect from a financially diverse company. We will collect information only for a specific business purpose and, if you ask, explain the reason why it is needed. We will use this information to help us identify you, design or improve the products and services we offer, or in efforts to better understand your financial needs. We may also use this information to comply with relevant laws and regulations. Further details on the type of information collected through our Web site is listed below.

3.Maintenance of Accurate Information We will maintain policies and procedures to ensure your information is accurate, current and complete in accordance with reasonable commercial standards, some already required by state or federal law. We also pledge to respond to your requests to correct inaccurate information in a timely manner.

4.Limiting Employee Access to Information Your personal information is limited to only those employees with a business reason for knowing and using such information. We continually educate our associates and employees on the confidential nature of this information, your needs for privacy, as well as incorporating policies and procedures for this purpose. We will take appropriate disciplinary measures to enforce these Privacy Principles and responsibilities if needed.

5.Our Security Procedures to Protect Information We maintain security standards to protect against unauthorized access to your confidential information. This includes the continual review and updating of these standards, including employee training, procedures and the software and/or hardware that will ensure the integrity of this information.

6.Restrictions on the Disclosure of Account Information We will not reveal specific information about your accounts or other personally identifiable data to parties outside our affiliated banks and companies for their independent use. Personal information may be supplied to reputable information reporting agencies, in the performance of bona fide corporate due diligence or one the following: (1) as part of a transaction you initiate (2) per your request or authorization (3) the disclosure is required or allowed by law, or (4) you have been informed in advance of the possibility of disclosure for marketing purposes and provided with the opportunity to decline or "opt out".

7.Maintaining Customer Privacy in Business Relationships with Third Parties At times it may be necessary to release personally identifiable information about you to third parties outside the bank or it's affiliated companies such as a credit bureau or our support services. When this occurs we will require these third parties to adhere to similar privacy principles and continue to maintain the confidentiality of this information.

8.Disclosure of these Privacy Principles to You We have adopted and prepared these Privacy Principles so that you know how we treat your personal information and how we will ensure it will remain confidential. If you have further questions regarding these principles please e-mail or contact us at 402-488-0941 or 888-373-3279. You can write or notify us of your desire not to be contacted or "opt out" for special marketing offers by the bank or our affiliates at the address below:

We now recommend that you fix your security hole so somthing like this does'nt happen again.

-Ethical Hackers, The Fallen Angels



Notice: No PC's were harmed in the making of this hack.