Why Dima delete our site?

Why have you delete our Mp3z4Free site located on your server. We are very upset about it. Now we taken over your whole server DIMA!

We hope you made a backup of your servers.

The following servers/domains we taken over:
http://www.lancia.nl (this one)
http://www.dima.nl (the webhoster)
http://www.fiat.nl (the mafia)
http://www.alfaromeo (do you have one?)
http://www.autototaal.nl (where do I get my info)

Greetingz to:
All the members of V3|uW3...
Packet Storm for all the lovely Xploits
All the folkz on #hit2000 channel on IRC
and all the people I forgot

I wrote on: 21-06-1999 (and I still writing)