Hi. You don't know me,

but I sure do know you.


You are a lonely soul,

a lonely soul in need of some love, some friendship...some, sex0ring.


Right? Yea, I know am.

Well, I have been gone for weeks now, but I'm not dead (or busted for that matter).

So, thats it, peace.


Heh, what a waste of space.



v00d00 (j00 cr4zy athiest, i'll be seein you...),

OpticMyst, PS911, Devil-C, ne0h, p0gO, Secto0r, koldkutta, DigiAlmty, ath0, and HFD (!) And everyone else i forgot (oops).

Oh yeah, and BRITTANY SPEARZ (Wowee! Can you jump up and down for a little bit? And can I meet your twins?)


Admin: Oopsy, sorry to use your "site" like this.