Guess what?  I'm BACK.
BOW, will ya.

This hack is dedicated to my one and only love, Eat_Me. Baby, I love you. Tap that ass, will ya.

FEDS: You guys will never stop my FLOW. Nice try, though. Killing my hotmail account and all that. HAHAHA.

Ne0h, I will swallow you alright. Bitch, step aside or get that skull of yours kicked in.  You wanna continue where we left of? uh...uh...uh...uh?  Back the fuck off, h0m0.

eckis: you hypocritically bastard.  I don't wanna get my hands dirty on you...So, I got my d0ggs on you.

Shout-0ut: #Ugcia, DoomeD, Tool, Dang, DA^BOMB, v0o, overload, serj, KoLdKuTtA, PS911...And to all my other d0ggs who I didn't mention, keep it real. (I didn't forget ya.)

Admin: mv index2.html to index.html...And I do apologize for having to get this message out at your expense.  I have nothing against you.  You might wanna install "TCP-WRAPPER" and other security tools. I'd do it for ya BUT I have limited time. Good Luck.