Forpaxe, is owned. Im sorry.
All rehacked boxes that Forpaxe did at one point.

I did not go through the whole step-by-step process
all I did was go through the hole forpaxe left 
behind, and redid the page for them.. sorry admin.
But Forpaxe is lame. :[

Patch fixed, it's all cool.
I don't hack with cold fusion, it gets boring too 
quickly.. im hella bored and hella tired.. so I got
v00d00 to start doing the rest of the Forpaxe sites.

Man, learn UNIX you sissy fucks. PBBSER, damn you for
making that cfscan.. msg me when you get on. I WANT TO
BITCH AT YOU.. thank you.

funny pic!

- ne0h

(greeting v00d00)