Burn FBI.......

                              Forpaxe Owns You All
l0l.... F0rpaxe had already reported that m1crochip doesnīt have nothing to do with an asshole called João Carlos Ramos Matos. We have never posted that crap on 2600. It seems that guy had also named is group f0rpaxe, maybe to imitate us. He was never a member of f0rpaxe and is nickname is Microchip and not m1crochip (there is a little difference: one is a lame nickname the other is m1crochip real name). Neoh, eou can say what you want about us couz your just another lamer who want us bad. If u want us bad go and work together with the FEDS or phone to what you belive to be m1crochip. l0l. We donīt care about that asshole. If he wanted to imitate us then FBI will be looking for him and not for us. Cool... Shame on those who try to fight against us. Those only show that they donīt support the scene. Here is a little msg to neoh: was this a coldfusion hack? it doesnīt seem so. Was metrokc from tw an NT machine? we donīt think so. Was the NASA hacks coldfusioned? we donīt think so. Why we have root on some gov servers? Coldfusion? we donīt think so... This is the truth. By the way: FBI - please bust that sucker named João Ramos. He diserves to know that he shouldnīt use our name. Donīt say things when you arenīt certain.
If PAPA starts saying he is m1crochip will you belive it? .

                      m1crochip/ in0de         
who else should it be?