[i mean no harm by any of these hacks]

y0h there this is master p the no limit ytcracker hacker
i am bout it rowdy rowdy

real quick wanted to make a statement about how things are these days.
i mean with this whole nato issue and the columbine shooting.
do we need this?  no, it's just heartache.
love thy fellow man.
do it for me.

i wrote a poem that goes out to all the haters:

ytcracker 9d9 ugh f0r ya'll
ytcracker 9d9 ugh f0r ya'll
free kevin
skript kiddiez b k-rad ugh like no limit
silkk the shocker 9d9
shup teq my niqqa ugh

hack that gibson in 9d9

shouts go out to:
lithium node, 303, and the tacd crew\

PARSE hahaha i dunno you guys are mediocre

icegod [heh #parse]
my aol crew y0u know u all k-rad keep punting
master p
kain and abel
yall are lame stop it i hate no limit STOP RAPPING NOW

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