Dear world

Russia: the world's biggest illusion.

How is it possible that a country
this big just can't accomplish anything?

A good example is what the world
saw on TV the last few days.
Russian troops enter Pristina,
frightning the previously returned
Albanian people.

russians2.jpg (19071 bytes)

Claiming credits for the victory while all they have
done during the crisis is spreading their ignorance,
stupidity and lack of diplomacy.

Antoher example is this website.
Pretending to be the biggest and best
security provider in the goddamned
Pretending to provide secure products
for several Russian militairy ministries,
several private banks and companies and
the Samsung research centre..

As you can see, nothing more than lies.

Meestervervalser & Xoloth1

Greets,, CNN (thanx for the pic), Attrition, some at #HIT2000, Stonehenge Crew.

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