Mozy/v00d00 0wned you


And no its not EBAY, its BBAY, with a B you dumbasses...


Hello, Hi, Greetings, Hey, whatever you want to call it. This site was obviously hacked, basically because we are really bored and looking at fat lady pr0n : ). Well I was talking to this homosexual and then suddenly I got a message from Mozy saying " check this out ", it was an adress, and adress to an image of a fat, ugly old naked lady, I lost interest in the homo and quickly rushed to the picture. I stared in awe and said to Mozy " damnnnn that bitch is fat " and Mozy said to me " its not a bitch, its a tranvestite, which means.... " and I said " noooooooooooooo I think my balls just fell off ". Heh this most educational hack is a warning to all of you pr0n crazy people. Watch out what you are looking it. ( it may be what you least expect )


No obiese ladies feelings were hurt in the process of this hack

We do NOT encourage you to look at overweight porn if you value your manhood


Well we're sorry, but this insanity must end



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