- do you phear? -

"...the fbi gotta stop fucking with us, this is getting crazy.. they are starting a war, that they cannot win..nor the army can help them with. no ammunition is needed for this war, its a war of skill nothing more........."
- vent

HEH ... Department of Mechanical Engineering.. HAH... u should learn how to secure your box, u little shits....heheh...

oh, i cannot fully take credit for this hack, timex, is one ereet mofo.

"if you secure it.. they cant hack" (whisper)

heh... aiight.. this is getting old.. lets end it here.. and let you read our little essay.. aiight?.....

our once silent voice, now being heard:

aiight, this hack, like most of the hacks, that are being done now... goes out to gH. The FBI cant regulate us, we regulate them, the FBI will not take us down.

The Level Seven Crew, has already had some of our members raided... some that were in gH, were in Level Seven.. and now, since they have been raided.. its time to fight back for a reason. The FBI will not own us, they will not destroy what we have worked so hard to accomplish.. the war will not end, until one of us gives up.. and it sure as hell aint going to be us.

We have not been DoSing FBI.GOV or any other fbi site.. because, for one reason... we aint packet monkeys.. we are real, we dont call ourselves "HaCkErS" and try to brag to people about it.. we keep low profiles.. we dont go telling people "wE jUsT hAckEd www.imalittlefag.com". We dont need to be raided, but.. now that some of our members have been raided, 5 to be exact... its time to do somthing.

We will be silent no longer, we will not cower to the thought of the FBI raiding us, we will fight for what we believe is right, for what we have worked so hard for over the last 7 years, of being a group. The FBI will not overpower us, nor any of our alliances.

Level Seven has members all around the world... Isreal, Italy, you name it... the FBI can't and will not take us down, and all of the other groups that have allied with gH and L7... we will continue to hack for the hell of it, not in fear, but with impunity. We will succeed, we will not fall to the FBI's raids.... we are stronger, and more skilled then any of the FBI's top officers... we will thrive.

<vent> i was snorting riddalin, and got mad drunk
<Amaru-> u guys get wasted then come on irc?
<vent> heh.. yea..
<aforce> yup

Mad props go out to:
foil, vent, skillet, slowaris, time, deathroad, bass, bastard, fatal, phoenix, kyle, aforce, dave, trilogy, alero, bugzy, motivez, mrbrown, alakazam, cult_hero, redfox, ditz, gimpy, ne0h, ascend, timex, blenny, 2600, attrition... and some of my dirty little hoes... ;c]


                The Level Seven Crew...