team spl0it in full effect#@&



in allmost every country in the world, hacking is considered as a felony. in fact, everyone with a clear mind has to agree to this, as hacking is virtually breaking and entering.

however, i do not know of any hacker who stands up as a normal being, says to himself ‘lets be a criminal’ and hacks his first site.
the first hack you do gives you a thrill. you outsmarted the webmaster and by-passed his (eventually sucking) security. after a while, the ones who are right start thinking about how people are threated and how governments act (if they weren’t thinking about it yet) and they decide to stand up against this.

i have seen many demonstrants on the street destroying stuff, i have seen many punks spraying graffity on walls and i have seen nato bombing the innocent, without any of these getting punished. these three ‘felony’s’ put together kinda comprehends what today’s defacing is all about, still, we get punished.
i am not saying i condone destoying, spraying or bombing, but face it : a hacker gets more jail time than a rapist, while in my humble opinion, the rapist is more criminal than the hacker.
we are criminals and we know it. you can try and lock us up, but you’ll never shut us down.

we outsmart you.


team spl0it in full effect
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mad greets to gH, noid, and everyone trying to make a difference

fuck you fbi, you just don't have a clue...