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  No moral no motive's

"We own this server, becuase we are lameass fucknuts with no lives. We cant go out, get a job, or basicly get education because we sit in front of our computer screen 24/7 and use cfscan on our own boxes to see how many hosts we can h4x0r every day. We're jewish lamers. We live in a poor country, where our family feeds us water and bread every morning. I got my computer for a birthday present because I helped my mom wash her toejam.

better recognize, cuz f0rpaxe is here to CF SOME MORE BOXES! YAH. What would we be without l0pht? The l0pht own our nigger asses.


Greets this time!: 2600, l0pht, Space Rogue, Weld Pond, Mudge, telephrk, emmanuel goldstein, bronc buster and p-wind0wz!


                    Forpaxe in. (c) 99'