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Greetings everyone, I just want to say to the authorities, we do nothing wrong, alot of the time we do not even deface what we penetrate, and if we do, we patch it so it can no longer be 'owned'. We are here to help. not to disturb, some security is so weak that even a 12 year old with knowledge of unix systems and some c programming can break through it. You raided members of gH, milw0rm, etc. for no reason, You dont know for sure that they hacked the whitehouse. I am not here to preach what has already been said. Don't hate hackers for what they do. Just because we have a vast knowledge of electronics/telecommincations and computers, does that make us criminals? Just because we upload one lousy .html file to a server that is removed shorty, does that make us criminals? We dont cause damage do we? So why bust us? We fix what we do, Most of us are not malacious hackers, If you are going to bust hackers, Why not only get ones that rm -rf the whole box? They are the ones doing the damage. And there are not many like that. Hackers are kind. We hack to get our words across. I don't hate the FBI or any authorities, I am just asking you PLEASE do not harass us for what we do and know. That is all I have to say, Please pay attention to those words...

- Greets -


gH - global Hell ( You will not be destroyed )

F0rpaxe ( rackin' em up and knocken' em down )

Psychic ( bring back the server please, they did nothing wrong )

Defiance ( keep it real )

Stonehenge Crew ( I agree with what you all say, totally )

Code Zer0 ( Gone, but never forgotten )

HFD - Hacking For Drunks ( Hacking with humour is the only way to go, heh )

Hi-Tech Hate ( w00t ! )

FBI - Federau Beurau of Investigation ( You are smart people, I respect you, just please dont lock us down )


And all of the following people :


ne0h - p0gO - Devil-C - St0rm - Sistym Ghost - Redemption - inS - Cyrus - so1o - Slack Packet

xoloth1 - MeesterValverser - Misfit - DigiAlmty - f0bic - notalg1c - ExtreemUK - lyp0x

Mozy - Diablo - hc - Serial Killer - ^dr_fdisk - EazyMoney - Debris - Chameleon


- Disses -


I am not here to put anyone down, or bash on them, I have no problems with anyone...


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