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Hello everyone, I am here again to say, cant we all get along, I mean come on, look at all these groups dissing groups, whats with that, We are all hackers, So why not be at peace, the power of unity is overwhelming, and if the FBI is going to continue this war, the only way to win is to team up, in full force. Also just because some people use coldfusion, dont dis them ,because most of them are just beginners or neophytes, Most of the mwill probably pick up a copy of linux or bsd and learn to code... Hell, ya never know : )

- Greets -


gH - global Hell ( You will not be destroyed )

F0rpaxe ( rackin' em up and knocken' em down )

Psychic ( bring back the server please, they did nothing wrong )

Defiance ( keep it real )

Stonehenge Crew ( I agree with what you all say, totally )

Code Zer0 ( Gone, but never forgotten )

HFD - Hacking For Drunks ( Hacking with humour is the only way to go, heh )

Hi-Tech Hate ( w00t ! )

FBI - Federau Beurau of Investigation ( You are smart people, I respect you, just please dont lock us down )


And all of the following people :


ne0h - p0gO - Devil-C - St0rm - Sistym Ghost - Redemption - inS - Cyrus - so1o - Slack Packet

xoloth1 - MeesterValverser - Misfit - DigiAlmty - f0bic - notalg1c - ExtreemUK - lyp0x

Mozy - Diablo - hc - Serial Killer - ^dr_fdisk - EazyMoney - Debris - Chameleon


- Disses -


I am not here to put anyone down, or bash on them, I have no problems with anyone...


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