Call it what you want - We own your dumb ass

Media misunderstandings
We have to make this clear. F0rpaxe doesn´t have nothing to do with the Whitehouse hack neither with FBI DoS. We don´t have nothing to do with it.
As for the rest of the hacks on gov , mil and nasa servers, some of them (see attrition mirror) had been executed by us. - some portuguese groups just don´t care
F0rpaxe is now one of the most hated groups in Portugal. Portuguese groups want us to stop. I won´t call it groups because they talk shit. They are talking shit about us saying that we don´t belong to the portuguese scene. Those groups are shit….
They say we aren´t a group. If they think like that ask I-L who da fuck we are.
Those fuckers are sending messages to HNN in order to insult us. Some of them even accuse
innocent people saying  they are the responsables for F0rpaxe.
If that people knew something about the underground and all that shit they wouldn´t say that.
Also some of them say that our efforts in the retalliation against FBI won´t do anything good for the portuguese scene. If they think like that then they must be all fucked up ….
They don´t remember that gH is passing throught difficult times. That Zyklon is indicted, that Kevin is still behind bars. If they are worried about the portuguese scene and don´t want to help other groups, then they are just a bunch of lamerz…
Who gives a shit to the Portuguese scene when our friends at US, like gH, HCV, and all other groups are being target of injustice.
We all belong to the same community so if someone is hurt then all community must respond.
We know why all this is happening….why all this portuguese groups are against us..
The problem is that they don´t give a shit to the community. The don´t care...they just want to talk shit….
If we hadn´t came up on the news this wouldn´t happen. Just because we appeared on TV, that doesn´t mean nothing. They are jealous.
In fact we would prefer if nothing of this had been reported on TV channels. Because of all that media hype now F0rpaxe is getting big problems.
Those groups call us script kiddies, lamerz, assholes etc…. We don´t give a shit….
"Call it what you want", wh0res, assholes...we don´t give a shit…. We will continue fighting even if people don´t want….. Being hated is part of the game…..

"also we don´t give a shit to our english. That´s right, we don´t know how to speak english but those o care just know what we have to say. Those who don´t must be ignored"

Fight  for what you believe
Groups who care should continue their actions against FBI, against everthing that it´s wrong….Even if some portuguese groups say that this won´t take us to anyware.
We have a goal… all of us have… all hackers do……
Here is our message for those who care:

FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE. LET´S TAKE THEM DOWN. HACK WHAT NEEDS TO BE HACKED  - every group who wants to help us out, who want to help gH, Team sploit, Zo0mer, Devil-C, HCV, p0g0, MOD, HFX and all other groups who fight for the same reason, can start fighting like we are doing.Make it happen. Make it real. Make a difference. Forget the media.... media just want to fuck us up by making all this a media hype. Forget everthing, just remember onething. We have a  fight to win. Like other groups say: "make them beg""

Mr frawd make me a blowjob.. Call us 5 year old boys… call us deads, call what you want…. We had already choose our
sentence. We shall fight, we shall help other groups. We are ready