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Dutch clowns wanted by FBI & Korean Government

Report by Mozy

The Korean government is looking for a Dutch TV- Clown, called 'Bassie'. The clown committed several crimes in Korea, Japan and the U.S. He was last seen in a plane to Japan, filled with nude women. The clown was also responsible for a big fight in Korea, two weeks ago, after he abused about 50 Korean girls in a cinema.

He likes to destroy restaurants, what he did in Korea and in Danville, USA. The total damage is about $50.00. The F.B.I. is looking for him, because the clown and his friend, an ugly acrobat, are two cyber-terrorists. They hacked several computer-servers, but they never damaged anything during the hacks. It is also beleived that 'Pockets the Clown' might have been a friend/lover of Bassie's, although that was not confirmed.


bas_wanted.jpg (7908 bytes)
The clown they are looking for. (Picture by FBI)

The FBI and Korean government asks you to contact them if you ever see these clowns. The clown (Bassie) was last seen with red hair, a red nose, white make-up, and a red jacket. Don't try to stop this man yourself, he could be dangerous. The Dutch government says that it's proven that the clown can be very aggressive to children, and that the children who watched his TV-show still have some serious problems. So be aware of this man! The Dutch government described the acrobat as a strange man, who always can be found in the neighborhood of cheap hookers. You don't have to be afraid of him, the last time he was seen, he asked a nine years old girl to open a can of beer for him. And the Dutch government didnt even want to start talking about Pockets, the said she/he/it was unimaginably mean and ugly, under the make up ofcourse, but otherwise a nice person.

bas_wanted.jpg (7908 bytes)
Beleived to be the lover of 'Bassie' (Picture by SOB) (Picture of Pockets the Clown)

Yesterday we contacted Bassie by e-mail ( Al he wrote back to us was :" Zout nou eens op, vuile Koreaanse Kut Kabouters. Huh, voor de krant ? Wat krijg ik als ik wat schrijf? Ik eis twee stukken appeltaart met slagroom als jullie het plaatsen!"
We have no idea what that means. The two cybercriminals say that they are looking for security on webservers all over the world, but they still haven't found it. We think they will continue their search.