People in Portugal are mixing up things. On some TV channels like RTP1 they said that we had only attacked only *.com domains in which some of them were indifferent l0l.
Every single domain is a victim. If they want to blame someone blame FBI. Every structure related to US  ,and which can produce some effect on FBI, can be attacked, even if it is a *.com and *.edu etc…
Also media isn´t aware that we had also hacked structures from the US gov in which some of them can be found on the mirror of Attrition, located on Http://
We now know that we will be target of misunderstandings.. People are talking without a reason. We hope all this stop. We don´t want all this to come a media hype. Also when we talked about the use of trojans of some people we were not saying that we did that. That is for lamerz. What we said was that in a newspapper PJ said that they had arrested people, witch they call "hackers", who used trojans to steal accoumts. When we said this we wanted to say that being a hacker is not that and if PJ thought that it was hackers who did that then they are wrong.
Most of our important hacks were related to gov, mil and edu servers. If they want to confirm all this they can do it by going to Attrition…
We hacked this server only to explain what is happening.
Take a name, take m1crochip.

F0rpaxe will continue whatever the circumstances are. Maybe we will calm down for a while but we won´t stop until FBI starts explaining things right. Injustice is all over the place. "We are here to clean this all mess"