Forpaxe Owns You All
So FBI didnīt want to comment about whattīs happening. Shame. You FEDS suck. If you had the balls to talk shit you would have done it already. As we said we are waiting for answeres. They just want one thing. Put all of us in a court, through the book to us and make us beg for our sentence. Guess what. We already built our sentence. We choose this....
Our sentence is hacking everything we can as a protest to FBI current actions. They indict people without a reason.
For them /whois is their secret weapon. Lying on the IRC waiting to get someone like they were fishing. They just want to blame someone.
They should blame themselves. Soon they will do that after we "make them beg" Now that you know what we have taken from this server (*secret*) do you want to make a comment?
Who cares about what you say…..

Make it look real fuckers because you ainīt gona win.

                      m1crochip/ in0de         
who else should it be?