team spl0it has got some questions for all you leet people at the fbi...

how low can you go?
probably as low as you guys want to go. you've already embarrassed yourselves quite a lot. why not some more, eh? but know, that with every step you take, we will be there with you. every attempt you make, we will know about it. if you guys at hq wanna take it to a real cyberwar.. go ahead. i'm just trying to spare you the embarrassment. little do you know what you have started. you guys are so pathic. You are OWNED.

how many innocent people need to be hurt?
i don't really understand you method of crime investigations. you see a page got hacked with the nick of the hacker on there. then you go to an irc server and /whois someone with that name and raid them. i dunno. what can I say? It seems at the fbi academy they didn't teach you anything else but how to /whois people. don't get innocent people involved into this.

what the hell are you doing?
i'll fucking tell you what you are doing. you are intentionally hurting innocent people. you are embarrassing yourselves without even realizing it. you are raiding people on bases of whois results. and the worst of all is that you tell lies, fucking lies, in front of the camera about your fbi server getting taken offline. me and you both know that it didn't go offline for so-called "hack attempts". you got fucking owned, but you don't wanna take the blame for it. your weakness will be exploited.

with all due fucking respect to you guys, you don't have a clue what's going on. you are just the puppets of the government doing whatever they tell you. if I didn't know any better i'd say they have their dicks up your asses and you seem to be enjoying it to the full.

we outsmart you.

team sploit in full effect.
f0bic - nostalg1c - cellbl0ck - jay

shouts go out to gH, former noid, and everyone else out there trying to make a difference.
peace to the guys who got raided [hang in there yo. fbi == owned]

fbi (inferiority breeds)
gov (lying is not sekzi)
and everyone else out there who is mad owned.