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Rights - I'd like to say something about some basic rights. What is it that makes us humans. Is it just the reason we exist? Is it the society we live in that makes us human? - Frankly, I don't have any idea. The only thing that I know is that we exist in a society with laws and rights. These laws and rights are SUPPOSED to protect us from so-called adversaries. But have you ever wondered who the real enemy is? Have you faced him while he has you in his grip? Have you ever wondered how the government treats you? - Are we the enemies or is it them? - Are we the ones that take away your rights? Are we the ones who make you do things you don't want to? - I don't think so! - The government tries to give you that image though. They say hackers are "bad", "they destroy your information". I have one thing to say. BullShit. [In this hack no files were harmed. Only new files where created, we went out of our way to backup the original files so the admin could quickly and easily restore them] - It is the government who destroys you.

WhiteHouse Hack - We all know who did it. It was the Chinese ofcourse (:p). Ok, serious for a sec. The FBI has no clue whatsoever about who hacked the WhiteHouse, so a couple of days ago, the court in Alexandria, VA, indicted Zyklon, who was busted earlier for hacking into 3 companies. The FBI now wants to get Zyklon to tell them who did the WhiteHouse hack. The total damage for the 3 companies Zyklon hacked into is estimated at $5.000 each. This kind of damage is nothing that the FBI would normally be concerned about. They resort to leaning on curious kids and charging them with crimes for lack of better leads to follow.

FBI - What you are doing is low, very very very low.

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Shouts go out to: formed noid, gH, diranged, symbiote, and everyone else out there trying to make a difference.

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