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Thought of the Day:
One mans coffee is another mans addiction

So you think gH is down on the ground, naw fuck that we dont die bicthes we multiply . This is another dedicateion to all the broken home familys. This is for all the tears they shed at night crying over there life, thinking its not good. Trying to survive in a material ass world, supporting themselves and there children. The new future, borken homes taking on another new meaning in this world. More and more parents get divorced , parents die or they just run away. You just need to be a true soldier and hang in there. Dont give up and fight back to the government, Say hey bitches just cause there is one parent dont mean you can run all up over us, trying to make it harder on us by putting up a hassel. Say fuck that we fight back with a mean punch.
This is for all those fat hoes and fucked up non-workin fathers who set and watch the boob tube all day and beat up on there kids
Get the fuck up and get a job fuck you using up all of our welfare and fucking using up the socail security budget, fuck you

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