got root?

I have some demands:
  • Bring back
  • I also want teen pr0n legalized.
  • If you could, I would also like a lappy.

If my demands are not met in five (that is f-i-v-e for all you hooked on phonics students) days, I will hack a server a day until it is. This is the lamest web site I have ever seen. These people really suck at HTML. This IS a personal hack. I hate the teachers at this school. They are all pricks. Especially Mr. Andrews. He is da admin of the school's leet Novell network (he pheers me). Mr. Andrews: You need to mind your own fucking business. You shouldn't poke your nose into other people's business. Yes, I am talking about the Lindsey W. incident. Not to mention, you accusing me of hax0ring your precious network (tee hee). Next on the agenda is Mr. Wessel. You are just a lame teacher. You know shit about computers. You try to act like you know everything about computers and how they work. Too bad I spend most of my class time explaining shit to you. Mr. Hunter. You're a washed up retired minor league bench warming wannabe computer teacher. Finally, there is Mrs. Hund. You're a fat wh0re. You know absolutely jack shit about computers. I guess that is why you teach word processing. "Enter, space, space, enter, enter your name". You compliment me on my computer skillz so you don't piss me off and make me hax0r the network. I think it is pretty funny.

Shouts:, attrition, 2600, cyrus, OpticMyst, #ft, #adam, and anyone else I forgot.

Three necesities of life: Nice pr0n, Nice phreaking gadgets , and KoRn@!%!

got root?

1999 p0gO