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The Korean Exchange Bank

Banks - Money goes in, money goes out, big deal! ... Or maybe not. Customers choose banks for their reliability and their support. They want their money to be safe, and to be delivered on time (as a whole) on destination. What if a bank system got compromised ? What if customer data got exposed to people who weren't meant to see it ? - The entire bank-system, wherever it's located, relies on the trust and confidentiality of its client's records.

This bank however failed to deliver that trust, that confidentiality. A server connected to the net shouldn't contain any customer info, it shouldn't contain credit card info, neither should it have access to the local database server. If banks don't know how to setup their system right, then they cannot guarantee the safety of its users. In modern business, it's not the crook that we fear, but the honest man that does not know what he is doing.

In this hack, no harm was meant to the Korean Exchange Bank (KOEXBANK), no data has been compromised, no files were tampered with. We just needed to let this bank know what was going on, before something major could have happened.

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No harm was meant, things just needed to be said.
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