sad but true, freedom is an illusion

you can do next to nothing today without your so-called superiours knowing
the time, the place, the reason and the shoes you were wearing. what happened
to the right for privacy ?
take, for example, the pentium 3 chip. yes, i know we talked about that before,
but intel claimed the problem was fixed and the number could be hidden if
now, the people from zero-knowledge developed a
program that shows the number can still be revealed - still without any knowledge of the user.
so, you'd think intel would fix it, but noooooooo...
they made the program come on the list of some widespread virusscanner, thus
making the user believe the program created by zero knowledge is
malicious. smooth move. this is what the big companies do all the time.

i would be extremely happy if i could deface a page with a message like
"FREEDOM EXISTS" or something, but i don't think that'll happen in the future.

i wish orwell was still alive. if he'd see this, he'd understand that big
brother is no longer watching, but acting.


don't let them take it away from you

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shouts out to former noid, gH, diranged and all the ones out there who give a fuck about their freedom.