Hacked by inS

Conceived in a hell beyond your depth of perception
Chaotic case of conquering domination
Psychopath snaps fired chains of imprisonment
A bludgeoning force that's undermining the government

The purist, non-conformist, jaded subhuman terrorist
From flesh to steel and blood to blade I fight to exist
A rival of justice, extreme rush of hatred
Survival in a twisted world where nothing is sacred


0h 0h inS learned how to hax0r with cold-fusion!
yes this sites security was compromised thru the cold-fusion bug.

Shoutz - problem, twisted, mosthated, gH w0rld d0minati0n, mindphasr, paralyse, the snowy lesbians at attrition, my hamster snowball, all you cybersluts who like to phone bone, cyberfire, dawge, h0llie, my uncle lou's hermaphrodite cat, kaiden, cyberfire, |NIN|, GralKarls, A|NID| and anyone else that I forgot.

Fuck you - pwr, the lame fucks at red-latina, #time, and yes, his uncle lou has a cat with both a penis and a vagina. the penis comes out of the vagina. my hamster snowball plays with it sometimes its cool.


End Program