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Environmental Technology Team
RedStone Army Base

Pollution - This is fucked up. This site represents one of an Environmental Technology Team, while the army is out there testing their bombs, using chemical weapons, killing people. As you see, they're saving the environment - NOT. Fighting pollution starts with yourself. Not with your neighbor, not with the people in your society, and especially not with an Army Environmental Team. This page said it fought the dangers of pollution. This is just a cover for the experiments and tests they are conducting using chemicals that ARE a treat to the environment. Don't let yourself be fooled by the grandeur of the army. Int he army u don't know anything but how to obey masters (and kill people).

Open Your Eyes ... Don't let your mind be polluted by the government

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Greets to: gH (we're cool now) - former noid, and everyone out there trying to make a difference.