Hello again. It is about time irc.psychic.com is freed from the shit EFNet link that it is now. It just isn't the same.
The damns news channels are pissing me off. All they talk about is how much Marilyn Manson and the media effected the kids that shot up Columbine High School. The media has nothing to do with it. Get it through your head.

Obviously, the kids were very mentally handicapped. The media CANNOT do that.
I perfectly agree with Devil-C. The parents need to watch what their kids do in their spare time (other than masturbating =P). The parents influence their children whether they know it or not. I am not going to ramble on about everthing wrong with the world today. I just wanted to express myself.

A note to the admin: Thanx for the new hosts. Oh yea, beef up your security.
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