Word from m1crochip:

This website is vulnerable to an attack. Forpaxe had hacked this website so that  to prevent future attacks. We "hackers" do not destroy to cause chaos but we make our work hard in the future. We ask all the community to start warning all the administrators for an eventual attack on their Servers.

Word from I-L:

The days have came to a end. Its been fun - as for respect i have little for the people that i really thought i knew and had some sense .you people know who you are. as for The NASA admin(s) iv'e been in your servers so many times and i will continue no matter what ridicule i recieve, It's like sad. anywayz i have nothing else to say no greetz or anything else nor do i care about NATO protesting or any kind of hacktivism. *cough*   

                                Took by:        Microchip     and        IL