Okay, loser.
	whomever hacked http://www.ntinternet.com better
	fucking step up.

	Not only are you a dumbfuck, but your a clueless, 
	and skilless dumbfuck. I bet all your lame kiddy
	friends are kissing your ass now.

	Your pathetic, your words are pathetic.
	A quote from your last hack:

	"Peace to anyone who uses their computer skills 
	to spread a message (like Team Spl0it) and not 
 	people who deface webpages for fame (no names mentioned).
	Also peace to anyone who helps spread the word (HNN, Attrition,
        2600, etc.) This defacing is not "elite" in anyway."

	First of all... peace? This is war. 
	Cold Fusion isint a tallent, I got my mom to hack some webhosting
	service for me.. first she asked where my browser was located.

	Give me a fucking break, kids. If I wanted to I could do a mass
	scan for the fucking hole and own half the goddamn internet.
	Media for the masses, bah..

	team spl0it found a new way to hack, cold fusion.. they werent
	shit until they found the hole. They arent even ./hackers, they
	are clueless lamers who hide from everyone. 
	They know they will get MAD schooled.

	and as for your little shit 'no named mentioned'
	you are a dumbfuck. Say my name, wh0re.. its ne0h.
	I am a hacker. I am a skilled hacker. I know what im doing,
	and I dont get caught. Fuck you. I say something intelligent 
	when I feel like it. I hack more boxes than your mother
	makes you breakfast and whipes your ass before you goto 
	kindergarden to learn howto use a mac.

	2600/attrition/etc.. spread the word because you skilless whores
	let them know. They dont do it on their own, so fuck you.
	I hope you realize how pathetic you sounded.. and how pathetic
	your html was, the hosting service you probably got PERMISSION to
	deface.. and any other lameass shit you did.

	Clueless fucker, you were to ashamed to even post your nick.. 
	You know gH fucking owns you and your lame world.
	You better face the facts, bitch.. gH is dominating, we take
	whatever we want. If you dont like it.
L O S E R.
Youve been schooled by the elite ne0h. Dont start with the matrix jokes. Ive been ne0h before I owned the damn site. They probably used by nickname because I OWNED THEM. GET IT? Great minds think alike. Peaceful shout outs to my gH crew.. mosthated, mindphasr, jos, complex, nikfiend, and fred. Fuck you and the crew you deal with, gH will dominate over you, forevor. Ho0ke is owned. at0mic is owned. tal0n is owned. Jeremy is owned. bOmb is owned. spl0it is owned. milw0rm is owned. "Dade, what are you doing?" "Im taking a TV network." "Finish up and get to bed, Dade." "Yes mom." h0h0h0. o w n e d b y jos & ne0h h a v e a n i c e d a y. read write