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Education - We all know what happened in Littleton, Colorado last week, so we can skip the intro and continue with what we meant to say. " School, bah, damn teachers, damn classes, damn homework, " you hear it every day around you. But have you ever wondered what life would be without education ? - People couldn't educate eachother on how to write, how to read, how to do some basic math. People would just be going out there in real life being cluebies. " Ehrm, what am I supposed to say? What am I supposed to pay for this? " . This is how the world would look like without education. Darn annoying not ? Subjects that you think are foolish to take in High School or Junior High will later on turn out to be very helpful. Education not only lies with schools as most people think. It lies in the first place with the parents. If they don't know how to educate their children then it is their fault that their kids go out doing things that are socially not acceptable. It is not the school system that turned those two children in Colorado into killers. Their parents did not have any control whatsoever on them. One of the children's parents found pipebombs in their room and just walk away without asking questions, without thinking about the consequences, without realizing that they were gonna be used for malicious purposes. Society and education work together. Education is the bases of society, and society are the ones that (in the first place) should offer education. If one of these factors is messed up, then you get situations like the one in Colorado. Make sure your education is good. And don't ignore your children's (future children's) problems, denial is a bitch. Nothing in the world fails as much as education ('cept Microsoft Apps). Don't let yours fail!!

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