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Kosovo - ( stop the war )

Watching the news today, I found out that Serbia has been bombed for the 4th week in row. And I wondered what has been accomplished after these 4 weeks of air strikes. Who has gained from it, and who has lost ? Many targets inside Serbia have been hit, many civilians were killed. But Milosevich, the Serbian President doesn't give a damn about his people. He couldn't care less if they are dead or alive. What is the good of actions when the president doesn't care about the targets that have been hit ? What good does it do to keep wasting bombs, killing more people? - How intelligent must you be to see that war is not a solution ? (ask NATO!!). The people in Serbia are loyal to their President. He says that it's NATO bombing them, and its NATO killing all their people. Well, without the support of the people in Serbia NATO is not gonna get very far. This is unfortunately not the first time NATO has screwed up. During the Gulf War they had a chance to kill Saddam Houssein while he was still out in the public, but they didn't. In France they had a chance to kill Milosevich, but they didn't. Stop This War. No more innocent people have to be sacrificed for a cause that is ineffective.

Open your eyes, it can't be too hard can it, and you will see we are right.

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greets to former noid and all hackers out there trying to make a difference

fucks to Milosevich (should have killed the fucker when he was in France)

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