by inS

.[Hi-Tech Hate].

Everything that you believe to be true is a contradiction.  Imagine a world that
is suffering a slow decay, and a culture on the edge of extinction. A world in chaos brought to obedient order by the machines that man created.  The linear programming that the system machine created to bring order is failing steadily due to the one variable the machines cannot compute...humanity.

In this time, man has become a docile creature herded into submission under the mechanical laws that apply, programmed and desensitized for their convenience.  However, there are certain persons drawn together for reasons that are grounds for punishment, or even death.  These people long and yearn for a change within the infrastructure, a better way of life, and a logical existence. These people create factions that congregate in total secrecy in places random and unknown.  These
factions maintain chaos in society in order to disrupt the system, locate the weak spot, and trigger a collapsing effect.  Their anger is only superseded by their will to exist, and nothing could be stronger.

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