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I don't care about the modern-day Olympics (especially after the Americans stole the 1996 Olympics from the Greeks), so I don't have much to say about them... especially to Russians. Xristos Voskreski.

In The News

Clinton, just because you fled the U.S. when it came time for you to fight it doesn't mean you can just make it all up now by killing innocent Yugoslavs. Fall back. Trench Coat Mafia, time for a moment of sarcasm: *You guys rule! Killing innocent children and then killing yourselves! I wish I could be that cool!* Eh, kill all TCM.

Shout Outs

richoid: Here you go.
FullAxX: You own me in programming.
Giga: Your code is kinky.
Linus Torvalds: You own me... period.
Le Chasseur: Eh...
Greece: Still superior.
IC XC: Kirie Elaisson!

Fsck Offs

Bill Gates: Die and/or give me your money.
Turks: Bow down to your Greek superiors.
Satan: You too.