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Everyone already knows the Kosovo conflict by now so I guess we don't have to go into that, therefore let's skip the introduction.

NATO and the USA feel big now, since they can once again "save the world". They are bombing military targets in Servia to narrow down Milosevic's military power.

How smart does one have to be to understand there is no such thing as to preserve the peace by waging war ? (smarter than the average NATO/USA official)

Don't they understand that they are only doing damage to the country ? Milosevic doesn't give shit about his people.

Open your eyes, it can't be too hard can it, and you will see we are right.

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greets to the former noid and all the hackers out there trying to make a difference.

fucks to gH (you don't know what you're talking about) and Milosevic (should have killed the fucker when he was in France)