got root? I do. (Original Site)

This Site Porn, porn everywhere. I got nothing against pr0n... hell, even I glance at it every so often. So once again, there is no bias or hate towards this site. Oh and by the way, the original page is in the /old directory on here.
In The News Clinton, numero uno faggo. Get off Yugoslavia, ho. Trench Coat Mafia: Wow... must be feeling pretty bad, the news hasn't covered you in almost a day. Whatever happened to Iraq? Why aren't you Americans bombing them anymore? I mean... you got these innocent Christian people who pose no threat to America, yet you blow them away. Then you got these Arabs who have bioweapons that could wipe out North America, whom Clinton is leaving alone. WTF?
Greets ne0h: You are elite.
global Hell: Good crew, great hackers.
2600 Magazine: I love reading the Letters :)
Kevin Mitnick: Hang in there, we're comin' to break you out.
Linus Torvalds: I pronounce Linux, "Linux".
Alan Cox: Your patch owns me.
Sultin of Cheese: Salut, mon ami.
Rich: To the man with the mad skills. (and taste in women)
Fullaxx: GUI! GUI! GUI!
Giga: Code and be cool.
Hellenics: Elliniki ine anwteros.
Stuff: Whoop me in LQ.
Losers Bill Gates (Satan): Rich people smell funny.
Carolyn Meinel: Ugly fat bitches smell funny.
Trench Coat Mafia: I bet it sucks to be homo.
FBI, CIA, NSA: Keep tryin'.
Bill Clinton: Remember, Pentecost is comin' up.
People of Turkey: Greeks own you like I owned this site.