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I'd like to start out by apologizing to the people who came to this website to get some info about the City of Los Angeles and touristic attractions in the city and the whole nine yards. But I had something to say on war and crime, and what better place to put it on then a site of a city that copes with all these problems ?

I'd like to start this page out with a quote:

" Governments Change. The Lies Stay The Same. "

Have you ever wondered how the last couple of weeks changed the world? Have you ever wondered how they changed your own lives? Have you ever wondered how they changed the lives of the people around you? Too much things have been said that shouldn't have been said. Too much things have been done that shouldn't have been done.

A little mountain city known as Kosovo has turned from an unknown place to the center of worldwide media attention. " Hey, this is cool, " the Serbs said " we can take over this city without any resistance, we can invade it and claim it rightfully ours, we can go in without any intervention of other countries. " They were wrong. What started out as an ethnic conflict has developed into a war zone for the world's most powerful nations, showing their military power to each other. Were it only this simple. Were it only a little fire being extinguished by NATO. Unfortunately, the conflict has increased, more troops have been sent out to the area, more people got hurt. Children who lost their parents, parents who lost their children. This is no simple " ethnic conflict " , this is a prelude to a World War. The first World War started out in the Balkan region, when the Prince of Austria-Hungary was shot in Sarajevo. People went like, this is not bad, nothing will happen to us. Well, 3 months later entire Europe turned in to a battlefield of different countries all fighting their own little wars. Don't let this happen to Kosovo, do what you have to do before this happens. It's not worth starting another war over this. The world is already messed up enough. Don't mess it up anymore. YOUR country could be next!!

Then last Tuesday, another little town called Littleton, in Colorado, got the center of media attention. This is just sick. Two teenagers armed with semi-automatic weapons, shotguns, home-made bombs laid siege on Columbine High School, in Littleton. They coldbloodedly " slaughtered " 16 people and wounded several others. Students were shot cause of their religion, their sports, their appearance, their skin color. The question is not what they did, its why they did it, and how they could. Well, the FBI said that they got the plans to make bombs off of the Internet. People'll say, these things shouldn't be on the Internet, they should be banned. Well, the Internet is one of the last places we can express our freedoms, although our freedoms are restricted from time to time. This is not our fault, this is not the fault of the people on the Internet. The parents of those two boys should have had more knowledge of what their kids are doing. Whose parents that find bombs in their son's room walks away without asking questions, without doing anything to it. The bottom line is, this tragedy could have been avoided. How did these kids get access to semi-automatic weapons, how did they make these bombs, how did they place so many bombs in the school? - All I'm saying now is unfortunately not gonna bring back the people who died, neither is it gonna erase this trauma from the minds of the people who were in the Columbine High School last Tuesday. But maybe it will make your think, maybe it will spark something inside of you, something that will avoid further situations like this.

Don't think it can't happen to you. Because it can, anyplace, anytime, to anyone.
It even happens in major cities like Los Angeles, only you don't hear from it, because it is " more " common.
Don't let the glamour and grandeur of L.A. deceive you. The truth is out there, keep searching !!

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