wow... look at this.

we, unfortunatly for you... rooted your box.
now, dont you feel special eh?...

we know you do, we know you fear our skills.. heh, we know
you wanna be just like us... heh heh heh..

well, you cant, mainly cause, your mexican, and stuff.. i dunno.. anywho.. from using AV Translator, i found out this site, is like, some company, promoting investigations.. i guess, sorta like the US's FBI.. oh, well..

I hope you all have a wonderful time, and tho, i aint malicious, i would strongly advise you secure your box.. :c)

Mad Props to: alakazam, aforce, bass, lint, ditz, motivez, trik, and crak.. and all the rest of The Level Seven Crew..

- vent