sorry in advance to the administrator.

TEACHers...what's the keyword there I wonder.

You know, recently I've been wondering about something. In this world we have a profession called teachers. They are supposed to help guide you through their subjects in a way that will actually teach you and make you WANT to learn. Are they supposed to, however, make you learn everything yourself? And then blame bad grades on you? And why...maybe because they don't like kids, don't enjoy teaching, need the money, got stuck teaching...that list goes on. But for whatever reason, it is still WRONG.

This is a call. A call to all teachers - to TEACH. That's right, make it so the students like your subjects and can't wait to get more. Not so your students watch the clock the entire time. You can't make everyone learn, but believe me, you sure can interest a lot of people in your subject, only if YOU TEACH.

All teachers who don't want to be there, and make class hell for everybody, I SHUN YOU.

This site "defaced" by an anonymous person who hopes for better teachers. This was not "elite" in any way. Administrator: Please look into fixing your Cold Fusion holes.