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eWiC == Electronic Workhops in Computing.

Team Spl0it - I'm gonna stop dogging this team, they dont' want to step up and just lay in the back jacking off, well that is all good then. You do what you wish, but please don't fuck around with gH again, it's not your time to shine, just whine and cry like some little bitches and keep your mouth shut. I would hate for this to get way out of hand. Have fun and i hope you all diE.

Denver? - Now this is a hitler issue? Hitler made them do it right, is this another media stereo type or was this really based on hitler issues? I admit this might have a bit to do with how hitler did his things back in the days and how these young people dressed with emblems of nazi shit on them, but the whole point is this attack was based on how the kids treated them. This is what the media may need to focus on, considering kids talk shit about kids everyday, will other schools result in mass killings and shit, because of putdowns? You don't understand that this was all started on how these kids were outcasts of their schools and people picked on them, not because they read a book about hitler. Focus on things you can fix and maybe prevent, not just what will gain viewers and readers. You are overlooking the fact of the matter is plain and simple, some kids got talked about at school, they retaliated and got revenge in a suicide mission. That is what you should pay attention to, not because they were white and dressed like a famous past almost World Dominator. Like i said, hitler and nazi's might be a role in this situation, but never the less, take in consideration, these familys don't need to hear about this massacre and witness more and more stories popping up about this shit everyday. Have some sympathy and take action on where your support might help.

About this site - To let you and all the other admins out their, this was a Cold Fusion exploit which you can find a patch here and hopefully this won't have to happen again. Sorry for the inconvenience and nothing was damaged what so ever. Please take security seriously and contact anyone you know running Col Fusion who may want to apply the patch also. Now please have a Computing Workshop on Security please.

Nato - Just a plain pathetic subject overall. Don't want to comment on something that is so un-organized and ruining so many peoples lives.

BIG SHOUT OUTS TO: My parents for having me, all of gH for supporting and working as a family, l0pht for working so hard to give people like us a good name, ADM just for trying to put backdoors in alot of programs you write, ech0 for showing me stuph and putting up with me, Bill Clinton for showing us men that head is more important then anything in the world, even our country, only question left, did she swallow? Keep your head up and mind focused on what is in front of you and now what the media has hyped up, state your own opinions and live by them, don't stereotype and let the media pursuade you into anything different. =AMEN=

BIG FUCK YOUS TO: Every war/packet group on efnet, you have no skill and half of you i have noticed don't even understand how the denial of service you use works and thinks it effects every Ooperating System and shit, itz really amuzing to sit on a bsd box and watch myself get scanned and then hit with slice or an oob attack or scanned for netbus. Team spl0it and all it's affiliates who are pathetic newbies of the such, antionline for trying to talk shit behind my back, crak- on efnet, just because we owned you so so badly and anyone else who hates on another group for no reason, but jealousy. If you are gonna talk shit, have a bit of a background on the group and base your shit talking statements on facts, not asumptions...

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