This website is vulnerable to an attack. Forpaxe had hacked this website so that  to prevent future attacks. We "hackers" do not destroy to cause chaos but we make our work hard in the future. We ask all the community to start warning all the administrators for an eventual attack on their ColdFusion Servers.
(We wonīt expose the vulnerability here to prevent other attacks but this is too easy to be true)

Forpaxe important info

Forpaxe is a portuguese group which have been working hard to find security holes on servers. Most of the time we donīt show  what hacks we have been working out but since this security hole is so obvious and easy we  start warning admins from this. All other groups who have time should help.
We also take this chance to inform some portuguese institutions that they canīt stop our work. Most military systems are exposed to attacks.  Systems from the government are vulnerable. People should care more about security in Portugal.
We also claim the right to expose our work on the web without being opressed by Portuguese institutions . They know who they are.