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Welcome to the brand new CHS website. I am Master Yoshi, your friendly neighborhood webmonkey, and your humble (???) host. That's right, it's all me, and I plan to make this the best high school site there is. OK, so that's not the most challenging thing you've ever heard of, but my therapist said I should have goals. He has a white lab coat and a huge syringe so he probably knows what he's talking about. Yeah, I bet he does. Anyhoo!

This site is going to serve the interests of the Columbine students. Now, my studies into mind reading are in a fairly premature phase so I'm going to be asking you for help. If you have any comments, suggestions, good ice cream recipes, whatever, email them to me at yoshi@hosedown.com. I can't promise that every suggestion will see the light of day, but I will read everything you send. The best letters will get posted in the up-and-coming feedback section.

But Master Yoshi, I don't have an email account. Whatever shall I do?

Lucky for you, that's not a problem. There are many sites that offer web based email. I use Imaginemail.com. Netscape is good too. These sites make their money from advertising, so you don't have to pay a thing. Best of all, you don't even need your own computer. I'll have a more exhaustive list in the next couple of days. Keep your eyes peeled.

O look, the lovely nurse Thelma is saying I have to go back to the room with the pillows on the walls. Later!

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As a CHS Alum ('89), I was really excited to find your site. I moved from Colorado the summer after I graduated and so have lost contact with everyone. Have you thought about adding a page for Alumni to your site? Maybe a place to leave an e-mail addy where others could find it?


Hi Susan, thanks for the note.

I've been getting email from a lot of alumni who have lost touch with their former buds. As I just happen to be a rather nice Webmonkey I shall grant thy humble request. An Alumni section will go up as soon as I track down whomever is in charge of these things and extort some useful information out of them.

While I'm doing that all you alumni could help by sending in suggestions and any information about yourselves you would like to have posted.

Just remember that you do this at your own risk. If your Prom date is still upset about getting ditched on the most important day of their teenage lives because you sneaked away to the nearest cafe to discuss the emotional status of Mozart at the time of his death with that other person whom you sworn you had nothing to say to anymore and you now suddenly find yourself to be highly accident prone, don't come crying to me about it. Don't say I didn't warn you.

As you are probably aware everything in the world is a compromise (actually that's horse feathers but is sounds good) and this is no exception. I would really like to know what happens after High School. What's "higher education" like? What's it like out there in the real world? Is any of this stuff we're supposedly learning of any use later on? Looking back, is there anything you would like to have done differently? Any mistakes you're glad you made? Is wider really better?

Think about it and share the wisdom. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

I am a senior at CHS and i just visited your page while looking through some college site to see what CHS has to offer on the web. First of I like how all the information is updated and not from last year. However, i think that the site would be much better if you would incorporate a backround, colors (navy and silver), and maybe pictures into the site because i lost interest pretyy quick. That's just some ideas that I thought would make the site more interesting and help you to your goal of "best high school web-site".

Thanks for your time.

Thanks for the note. In regards to your comments:

Personally, I don't like backgrounds. They look silly and cause all sorts of problems with readibility and such.

Silver is not a color, it's a reflection. Asking for the color silver is like asking for the color "mirror". It just doesn't work. What usually happens is that instead of silver school logos use gray, and there is a lot of gray on the site. As far as the navy goes, the buttons are navy, the headings are navy, the logo is navy.

I may be wrong, but you probably lost interest because there isn't much to do on the site. Things are coming along, but it's going to take a little while. As far as the pictures go, you probably have a point. Actually I think the whole thing could be a little bit more exciting. I have some things I want to try out while on Break. Check back in January. Let me know what you think.

Master Yoshi

Brand new: virtual cheese.

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The plan is to have the senior information from all the yearbooks scanned in and published on the site. Alumni will then be able to list their current information so their old high school friends can get in touch with them. You can send me your information now, and I'll publish it along with the yearbook stuff.