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The Xerox Corporation of South Africa

What is life without inalienable liberty ?
What is liberty without mutual respect ?
What is respect without discipline ?
What is discipline without rules ?
What is life ?

In the world of business it's all about money and power. Either you're in or either you're out. There is no other choice. It's either the path of the transgressor your have to walk or either the one of humanity, self-consciousness.

No person, black or white, poor or rich, should be told what to do. From birth we have been given certain inalienable rights that no one can nor should take away from us. Once again, mischief has been done, once again human rights have been taken away.

Should we just proceed asif nothing of this ever happened? Should we ignore the poor and ally with the rich? Or should we revolt and put a stop to all of this? Do you want to keep living in these times? Times of ethnic cleansing, condamning people because of their religion, because of their skincolor, because of their origin.

Kosovo is merely a piece of a concrete stone that paves the way towards fascistic attitudes. But if we were able to take each of these stones seperately, and built something better with it, wouldn't it just be great?

Well, I am sorry to inform you, but helas, this is not the way the present world works. Todays world is centered around money, the people who own it, and the power it gives them. Multinationals like the Xerox corporation [who makes photocopiers and printers] want to see their products sold in other countries. They want people who possess the money to buy it, not the ones who don't. I think it's time these companies started concerning about the people who are needy, before they have no more customers to sell their products to.

Don't let South Africa go down the same way other African Nations have. It would be a terrible thing to be wasted.

Stop being capitalistic voltures,
open your eyes and do something before it is too late.

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