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Security Is Futile

   Tickle me shall i not laugh..

Curse me shall i not love...

Wrong me shall i not revenge...


At some point in life, we all have to make choices. Some are for the good, others are for the bad. What most people don't realise is that the choices they make can affect not only them, but the entire community, or worse, the entire world.

A week ago the British government, as loyal puppet of NATO, decided to follow NATO in its actions against Serbia. These action may not only cause a civil conflict in Serbia. They can also cause a worldwide conflict that will get Russia and China involved. This might be a prelude to World War III.

We, the people, have no say in this, we cannot choice whether we go to war or not, or whether we want taxs augmentations or not. I know some amongst you will say "you're the ones that elected the government".I completely agree with that, but after they are elected they can practically do whatever they want.

Where are our choices, where is our input? - We are completely taken out of the game for we are emprisoned for thinking free. We are taken for criminals when we try to improve a society so oxidiced by the acid of corruption.

Think before your make your next choice..

Governments change.. The lies stay the same. In the end may the truth survive.

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