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    q. why have so many yugoslavian boxes been owned lately?
    a. the so called "ethnic-cleansing" taking place in yugoslavia is the most fucked up thing i have heard of since the days of hitler. all you psycho people involved in these type of violent and ignorant acts best brace yourself for some reality checks provided by NATO.

    q. i am anti-war what am i supposed to think?
    a. you need to rethink the siuation. war in this case is most definitely justified, and the only way to strongly get the point across. would you rather have a small confrontation like this every once and a while, or would you rather have psycho people doing whatever they want, whenever they want? enough said. " >> /dev/brains [root@yugoslavia] ~# greets : #hydra, #sk1llz, phreeon, fiba, hit, Je[T], SmokEE bash: greets: command not found [root@yugoslavia] ~# logout