This Box Was Rooted By


Greetz Go Out To #HackUK

Just To Show The UK Hacking Scene Does Exist!!!!!!

Shoutz to:


w1zk1d - r1sc - bUKaneer - [Nyquist] - h2so4 - Dred - Mister[X] - OverKill - niscii - Oktober - NPN

P_S_I: Your taxi is best

QDos: Where's my money?????


" Please sir tell me why, stick a man on the moon when life on earth is so cheap, son we gotta do our bit for the world trade deficit"

" Please sir tell me why, my life's so pitaful, the futures so bright, when I look ahead it burns my retinas"


- Pitchshifter, Please Sir



You were hacked the other day but we were here first, you should have taken Team Spl0it 's hack in the first place as a warning and increased your security. Why we didn't vandalize your web site ages ago if we were here first I hear you say? Well when you had your box up last week we could telnet in and play away but you took it down. Now there is no fun here. Maybe you will do summat about it.


BTW: your root password was to easy to crack, as were all of them, most anyway.